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Unusual use of coconut oil

use of coconut oil

Coconut oil contains many vitamins, such as B6, C, E, OR F, polyphenols, lauric acid, fiber and magnesium. Thanks use of coconut oil is very extensive. It is a real treasure for our health, because it contains a lot of beneficial properties. Used in the daily diet can improve the work of our body. However, what is less well known, often unusual use  of coconut oil?

Here unusual use of oil coconut:

Component mayonnaise

Use coconut oil to make fried seems to be quite obvious, however, surprised Maybe that the coconut oil is used by fans of healthy food as an element of mayonnaise. How?  Instead of sunflower oil, just add oil coconut to make mayonnaise.

Extends the freshness of food products

Thanks to its properties of coconut oil, it prolongs the shelf life of eggs. Just put a thin layer of oil on the entire shell.

Shaving cream

Coconut oil, that also an excellent way to avoid irritation after shaving. It can serve as a balm. That imposes before depilation, to protect themselves from injuries caused by the use of micro shaver. Additionally, perfectly moisturize the skin.

Soothing balm

Unusual use of coconut is also something else. It has excellent healing properties and soothing your skin. It is a natural product, that limits the effects of burns. In This reduces the pain associated with damage to the skin. What’s more, it accelerates healing of tissues. Also creates a protective layer that protects against harmful agents such as bacteria, fungi or dust.

Massage oil

If you don’t have at home oil massage and you want to relax, you can go ahead and reach for coconut oil, Which is ideally suited to this role. Such properties besides relaxing massage, fat coconut moisturize tired and dry skin. It has anti-aging properties for skin. This will help relieve the symptoms of a disease that affects the skin, such as dermatitis or psoriasis. How do I go to apply? A small amount of oil to rub his hands so as to give ul liquid form. Then gentle, circular movements massage the skin.

The product for protects teeth

Defects in the enamel on a common problem, which is caused by bacteria. Another unusual use of oil coconut? It IS used in oral hygiene. According to experts, rinse the mouth with one tablespoon of coconut oil can remove the bacteria that live in her. Such an effect on the properties of bactericidal and fungicidal is this fat. What’s important, that can’t be the only way to higiene that body parts.

To the whitening teeth

Naturally removes residue from the teeth, resulting in a brighter smile. Just to brush your teeth do put a little product and brush. What’s more, the oil supports the development of strong teeth.

Preparation supporting Slimming

Fat particles (medium chain triglycerides) found in coconut oil, thanks to their properties, accelerate metabolism. All thanks to the fact that they are, unlike other fats, immediately converted into energy.

Unusual use of coconut oil

Coconut palm tree on the Malay language is named by “tree of a thousand uses”. And so, it is fact. This unusual use of coconut oil is’t only possibilities. It also prevents the formation of stretch marks, is a natural cream to do sunbathing, fighting with mycoses, and that not all possibilities! What other applications have coconut oil? Read article Virgin Coconut Oil for Health and Coconut Oil for Beauty.

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