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Facts and myths about coconut oil

facts and myths about coconut oil

Around the coconut oil over accumulated a lot of facts and myths past the years. Fortunately doubts about its effectiveness are blown by experts. What are the most common facts and myths about coconut oil? Check whether you know them all.

Coconut oil is good for skin and hair – a fact

Thanks to its nutritional qualities very well affect the condition of the skin and hair. Its properties make the skin is moisturized and any discoloration to reduce their visibility. Coconut perfectly cleanses from makeup and impurities. Also does well on the scalp. Massaged into the scalp helps in the treatment of dandruff and head lice. While superimposed on the strands, smoothes and nourishes them, giving them a healthy look and shine.

It can help fight off the flu and other diseases – a fact

Thanks to the lipid content of lauric acid, caprylic and capric acids have antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal. For this reason, it is perfect to boost our immunity and fight, for example, the influenza virus. It can also reduce a sore throat and cough. What are some other facts and myths about coconut oil?

Refined oil refined better than – the fact, but depending on the application

The difference between the refined and unrefined fat method for its preparation. Refined oil is extracted using heat and chemicals. Through the process of refining can get more oil from one kilogram of the product. During his lifetime, partially removed, among others, polyphenols and sterols, which positively affect our body. In contrast, unrefined oils have not been subjected to high temperatures (oil refined virgin type are subjected to relatively low temperatures). It is a natural method of obtaining oil. Cold-pressed oils, refined or otherwise, have a delicate flavor component from which they were made. While refined oils are odor-free, but have a higher degree of smoking. Therefore the frying of food may be better refined oils. Unrefined oils have more nutrients, but should be used rather taken with food cold (they have a relatively low degree of smoke). In the case of unrefined coconut oil can be used also for frying, because it has high temperature smoke.

And so the fact or myth about coconut oil? It is difficult to determine which type of oil is better. This is primarily dependent on the purpose of its use. It must be remembered that cold-pressed oils are rich in vitamins, fats, proteins and mineral salts. As for himself coconut oil, due to its characteristics can be used in high temperatures.

It works badly on the circulatory system – a myth

Fact: For many years, suffered a myth that coconut walnut oil raises cholesterol levels and contributes to an increased risk of heart disease, including heart attack. It has been claimed due to the fact that coconut oil contains large amounts of saturated fat. However, only in comparison with other oils. What’s more, it has in its composition lauric acid, which is responsible for raising “good” cholesterol, thus preventing risk of developing a heart disease.

Its properties are fully universal – a myth

Fact: Not without reason that coconut oil is called “a thousand applications.” Unfortunately, despite its extraordinary versatility, it is’t suitable for the general public. Not all will work perfectly for nutrition and moisturizing the hair, because it depends on their porosity. For people with oily complexion, in a few cases it may increase the number of breakouts. Therefore, you must first do a test that checks whether our oily skin does not react to the increased production of sebum.

Do you know other facts and myths about coconut oil? Share them with us!

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