Coconut oil for beauty

coconut oil for beauty

Thanks to its unusual characteristics, woman  and men from Europe and the United States are recently impressed by coconout oil. That real elixir of beauty for centuries apply the residents of Asia or South America. Thanks to coconout oil, they have smooth skin and healthy hair. What exactly the properties has coconut oil for beauty? Below are just a short list of its natural properties.

Coconut oil for beauty:

Moisturizing lotion

If you do not like moisturizing creams, use eco-friendly coconut oil, which in naturally way nourish and wet the skin. In addition, gently protect it from sun damage because he has SPF filter. The best moment for this fat application is a moment after bathing. It is doing very well with both skin: dry and oily skin. But it’s important to adjust the amount of its make your skin type. The more oily skin, the less oil.

 Make-up remover

Thanks to the properties of coconut you can also opt out of the use of chemical agents to do make-up remover, because coconut oil is well suited to do makeup remover. In addition, help moisturize the skin, delay and reduce the formation of wrinkles. However, you should make local tests that will tell us, how kind of skin you have. How do I go to apply coconut oil? A small amount of oil in the form of a fixed levy on a cotton ball and wipe the facial skin moistened. Then wash off with lukewarm water.

Base for peeling

The oil of the coconut palm, is also a perfect base to natural and eco-friendly sachets peeling. Six tablespoons of sea salt should add three tablespoons of coconut oil (It is important to proportion accounted for 2: 1). Is it  perfect property coconut oil for beauty, isn’t it??

Hair mask

Coconut oil can give interesting effects on the skin of the head and hair. Person who have problem with dandruff can feel relieved, because the fat will cope with this problem. Just small amount of fat massage in the scalp and, after a while, wash the scalp shampoo. It supports the healthy growth of damaged hair thanks to its nutritional properties. What’s more, reduces protein loss, the lack of which is often responsible for the unattractive appearance is hair. Apply coconut oil on the strands of the middle of their length, not to oily scalp. Wait about 30 minutes or hours. Then wash your hair and enjoy the effects of what gives with coconut oil.

Lip balm

Fat produced from coconut walnut might also can be salvation for chapped lips. Thanks to him, our lips will be better hydrated, co hence fuller and softer. With coconut oil you can create a lip gloss. Just use that with petroleum jelly, and with a pinch of cinnamon.

Reducer stretch marks

Coconut oil for beauty is also moisturizing and regenerating. Those properties are useful in many planes. They prove useful also in rolls of stretch marks. Reduce arising, already cracks skin and reduce the formation of new. Therefore, coconut oil is used by many women during pregnancy, accepting also soon after. However, there is not only the effect of the use oilwith coconut, he also minimizes scarring and other types of rupture their skin or blemishes.

The preparation anti-aging skin

Ecological coconut oil to the east also excellent product, which delays the appearance of the first signs of skin aging, including how wrinkles and sagging skin. It also reduces the existing wrinkles. It does very well as a cream applied to the delicate skin under the eyes. It eliminates less flexible folds and lightens shadows.

Coconut oil for beauty

These properties, however, that is not all. Coconut oil can be used for beauty in many other cases: moisturises chapped hands, may be a component of deodorant, oil for sunbathing. But that one of the advantages. IS relatively cheap, A organically produced methods of IS-natural. How does it affect our health? See the article Coconut Oil for Health.

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