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Facts and myths about coconut oil

facts and myths about coconut oil

Around the coconut oil over accumulated a lot of facts and myths past the years. Fortunately doubts about its effectiveness are blown by experts. What are the most common facts and myths about coconut oil? Check whether you know them all. Read more

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Unusual use of coconut oil

use of coconut oil

Coconut oil contains many vitamins, such as B6, C, E, OR F, polyphenols, lauric acid, fiber and magnesium. Thanks use of coconut oil is very extensive. It is a real treasure for our health, because it contains a lot of beneficial properties. Used in the daily diet can improve the work of our body. However, what is less well known, often unusual use  of coconut oil?

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Virgin coconout oil for health

virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil has a lot of healthy properties that are still being discovered by experts. It is known, however, virgin coconout oil with among other things, improves the functioning of the digestive system and promotes resistance. What is still good properties for our health has nut from the “Tree of Life”?

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