Aqua Mania - producent oleju kokosowego

Aqua Mania Sp. Z o.o. a Polish representative Hero’s Nature Products from Sri Lanka, specializing in the processing of organic nuts coconut. We offer a 100% organic coconut oil Nutrich and an organic coconut flour.

Hero Nature Products began production of organic coconut oil Nutrich and organic coconut flour in 2011, after many years of activity in other industries. Products Hero Nature Products are available in a number of countries, including Poland, the United States of America, Germany, Great Britain and Japan.

Our products are considered to be some of the best and are 100% bio confirms that certified organic European Union. In addition, our coconut oil and coconut flour received the American eco-label USDA Organic, Japanese JAS certificate and a certificate of Control Union. They also have certified Halal and Kosher certified.

Our mission is to provide the highest possible quality of manufactured products, which will be available at reasonable prices.

If you have any questions regarding products, orders or collaboration, feel free to contact:

+48 22 515 83 28 (Polish/ English)

mobile: 790 776 805 (Polish/ English)

796 000 980 (English/German/Hindi)