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Thanks to its pro-health and beautifying properties of the coconut palm for centuries referred to as the “tree of life” and “a thousand applications”. Our offer includes 100% organic products is from this plant: virgin coconut oil and coconut flour. They are made from coconut, which is derived from organic cultivation in Sri Lanka, according to the traditional recipe handed down from generation to generation.

Our goal is to provide eco-friendly products of the highest quality at reasonable and competitive prices. Quality of products from the coconut can confirm through certification, ecological European Union, TUV, USDA and ISO 022000. We are an importer of coconut oil and coconut flour around the world as the company Hero Nature Products. In the Polish we distribute our products under the name Aqua Mania Sp. o.o.

facts and myths about coconut oil
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Facts and myths about coconut oil

Around the coconut oil over accumulated a lot of facts and myths past the years. Fortunately doubts about its effectiveness are blown by experts. What are the most common facts and myths about coconut oil? Check whether you know them all. Coconut…
use of coconut oil
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Unusual use of coconut oil

Coconut oil contains many vitamins, such as B6, C, E, OR F, polyphenols, lauric acid, fiber and magnesium. Thanks use of coconut oil is very extensive. It is a real treasure for our health, because it contains a lot of beneficial properties.…
how to store coconut oil

How to store and use coconut oil? Helpful hints

Although buying oil coconut seems to be simple, will be probably better to check information before making a mistake. Below are a few tips, including how to store coconut oil. What oil choose The best choice will be coconut oil virgin,…

Coconut oil for health

olej kokosowy virgin

Virgin coconut oil has a lot of healthy properties that are still being discovered by experts. It is known, however, virgin coconout oil with among other things, improves the functioning of the digestive system and promotes resistance. What good properties for health has nut from the “Tree of Life”?

Coconut oil for beauty

olej kokosowy dla urody

Thanks to its unusual characteristics, woman and men from Europe and the United States are recently impressed by coconout oil. That real elixir of beauty for centuries apply the residents of Asia or South America. Thanks to coconout oil, they have smooth skin and healthy hair.